Custom Home Building in Goldsboro North Carolina

I Build Custom Homes in All Price Ranges

Isn't custom home building expensive and stressful?

Having a home custom built to your specifications doesn't have to be expensive or stressful. It really depends on the builder you hire to build your home and how well they handle the sale transaction and the construction process.

The most important thing that keeps the custom home building process from becoming stressful is a good, detailed construction specification sheet. A construction specification sheet lays out in detail exactly what is included in the price of the home and what is not. Having a clear understanding up front of exactly what is included and what is not prevents confusion and hard feelings later in the process.

The second most important thing that keeps the custom home building process stress-free is the proper use of change orders. Change orders are used when the home owner / buyer wants to add something to the home that was not originally included in the price or construction specifications.

Unfortunately, the process often goes something like this:

The process should go more like this:

Why Should I Hire a General Contractor to Build My Home?

Some people think that by building their home themselves without using a general contractor they can save the money that the contractor would have made. This usually doesn't work. Most people who attempt this don't end up saving any money and many end up spending even more. There are several reasons for this.